My father was not a typical working dad when we were growing up, I could barely see him wearing formal clothes since he was a self-proclaimed “houseband”. Tatay was very hands-on when it comes to our welfare, foods, clothes, etc. He cooks food every day, wash our clothes on weekends, gives us baon and do all the motherly tasks.

Prior to that set-up, he was an OFW for roughly a decade, but when I was born he decided to stay here for good, to guide us all the way. The situation we had was hard because entrepreneur like my father has its ups and downs, a business cycle that is inevitable. It was hard, but they managed to give us a good life.

Our respect and love to Tatay is incomparable. Even if he didn’t give us wealthy living, he taught us something that nobody can take. He taught us to be a better person, to live without envy, to work hard and a lot more good values that molded us to be a better person. Because of Tatay, I’m a good citizen and I’m proud of it. Thanks Tatay!


Dear hubby,

You’ve been a good father to Andi for one year and seven months and in a short span of time you showed love and compassion to our little kid. I remember those days when you were the one who 1st wiped her poop and gave her a bath. During her newborn days, you were the one who danced until she fell asleep, you were also wake-up in the middle of the night to prepare milk.

Now that Andi is growing up, you are always there to guide her (although you are a little bit spoiler). You’re always thinking how to provide Andi’s needs and how you can ensure her future. You are a good daddy, no doubt on that. Indeed, Andi is a daddy’s girl.

Happy Father’s Day to Tatay, Hubby, Itay and to all Dads out there!