Last Sunday, February 3, 2013, my husband and I participated on the 2nd year Manila Social Media Day which was held at Isetan Recto. The target audiences of this year celebration were youth and masses.

Organizers encouraged youth to be more involved, responsible and cautious when using social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook. They highlighted that being viral in a wrong way is not good, cited incident is the “Amalayer” video that became viral.

Jason Cruz, the guest speaker shared 3 points in Social Media. First is the Awareness, where he encouraged youth to not just talk and post non-sense, learn to be involved and determine what is trending. Next is the Activity, he mentioned that before posting photos or statuses, we need to ask ourselves, would it be for everyone to see? will my employer like it when they see it? is it okay for my parents to see? Last point is the Alertness, he said we have to keep ourselves abreast in social media changes and trends.

Social media related quiz was also held where hubby and I won the 2nd place. Questions were mostly about PH current events, which circulated in the Internet. Since the questions were not easy, they allowed us to utilize our mobile phones, too bad my connection is very slow.


So once again,  think before clicking! Have a great day, everyone!