Kids nowadays are obsessed in online games and very inactive in outdoor activities, such as sports and under-the-sun adventures. These realities hit me early this morning when I saw my little kid, one and a half year old baby playing her uncle’s PSP.

At first, I observed how she plays. She’s incredibly keen pressing all the keys. I’m not certain if she knows what she’s doing, but one thing is for sure, she enjoyed it.

I can’t help it but to ask her if I could play the PSP as well, she gracefully shared the PSP, and in my surprise, she’s playing GTA. The PSP game exposed her to violence; I thought she was playing NBA games. Instead of tolerating her, I decided to hide the PSP and let her play outside.

This incident reminded me to be cautious on what action to take, what word to utter and what character to portray. My little kid is a very quick-learner, she is smart at her age. She emulates every action that I made even how I put my lipstick on. I am very frightened to inject something bad on her innocent mind.

Kids should play outdoor games with their guardians, aside from the healthy benefits, it minimize the chance for them to learn bad things from the World Wide Web, gaming console and the like.