Parents today are anxious about sending kids to school due to the COVID-19 crisis. Like many parents, my husband and I are still skeptical to enroll our kid despite the “new normal” approach the school is now developing. 

The DepEd called it a “blended or distance learning” program. Lessons will be delivered to the students in the comfort of their homes, through the printed or digital modules. There will be Online learning resources such as the DepEd Commons; and Television or radio-based instruction.


President Duterte has given a go signal to open the school year 2020-21 on August 24 for as long as there will be no face-to-face classes. He also said to Sec. Briones:

“I’m impressed with the simplicity of the program, Ma’am. I believe that all you have shared is feasible. I believe you have a very workable program and I support you. Should you require any help from any of the departments, feel free to communicate with them,” 

But why are parents still uncertain? 

First, we are not sure if our kids can learn from this kind of setup. Children nowadays can get distracted easily. Their attention span is very limited while at a regular setup, more so when they are alone at home.

Next is the involvement of parents in this “new normal” teaching strategy. What if both parents are working?

To be honest, I’m not sure if I can deeply monitor my daughter’s homeschooling because I have also a toddler to attend to, and a possible work-at-home opportunity by July. Plus the monotonous household chores and errands to do. Truly, overseeing kids’ activities at home is undeniably tedious. I just realized it during quarantine days.

Another concern would be the tuition fee increase, and the gadget to use. Although DepEd said buying gadget is unnecessary. We will let our kid use an old laptop if needed as we cannot afford to get a new one at this point in time. Also, I’m not confident with our DSL provider. I observed it gets disconnected while in the middle of a video call, more so when we need to utilize Zoom or similar applications. 

I also talked to some of my friends and read comments from netizens about this issue.

One of my colleagues told me that if the school failed to offer online teaching, she will not enroll her son. She wouldn’t mind skipping a year. Safety first. Others, however, are actively searching for homeschool providers who are accredited by the DepEd. 

Meanwhile, my sister is currently looking for a durable laptop for my 4-year old nephew. He needs it by August. Their school removed the 2 days face-to-face setup because NCR remains at high risk.

Some, however, felt that this “new normal” that DepEd is trying to impose has many loopholes and “anti-poor”, because children from poor families and far-flung areas will be left behind. Likewise to students without guardians to guide them at home because of work.

While most parents are still contemplating what to do, schools (both public and private) are now open for enrollees. They are encouraging parents to enroll their kids online. 

Clearly, this is a serious issue, which is up to us, parents, to decide. How about you? What’s your thought on this matter?

Thanks for reading my blog. Have a nice day!