I couldn’t help not to think of my little girl when I visited Hong Kong Disneyland last July 28, 2014 together with my friends. I promised to her that we will go to the happiest place on earth when she turned 7 years old. Even though I’m not with her, I still had the a great time.

I felt like a kid again as it was my first time to visit the theme park. I can’t even conceal my thrill. However, since it was summertime, many students from Hong Kong, Mainland China and other neighboring countries were also having some good time. The theme park was too crowded and the summer heat was unbearable. It made me realize that July is not the perfect month to bring my little miss.


I wrote below some practical tips when visiting Hong Kong Disneyland with kids.

    • Stay in a hotel near Sunny Bay, Tung Chung or Tsing Yi if you can’t afford to stay at the Disneyland Hotel and Disney’s Hollywood Hotel.
    • Much better if you avoid visiting Disneyland during summer season as many students are having some break as well. The theme park is too crowded.
    • Get a map
    • Write your contact number on your kids in case they get separated from you.
    • Dress your children like a prince or princess to enhance the experience
    • Bring folding chair or stroller. There are parking spaces for strollers, but make sure to add something unique to it, so you’ll be able to spot it easily.
    • Long queue is inevitable, so I would suggest to bring bottled water, formula milk and biscuits. Water fountains are everywhere.
    • To avoid frustration and hassle, know what rides are appropriate for your children
    • Don’t buy souvenirs immediately, there are heaps of stores to try


    • I would recommend to explore the theme park for two days to enjoy all the attractions
    • To have a good view of the parade, try to look for some small holes on the street in front of the castle. Parade guards put there the stands of rope to barricade the audience.


    • You can purchase tickets at Hong Kong Disneyland main entrance, Disneyland ticket express in the MTR Hong Kong station, The Magic of Hong Kong Disneyland at the airport terminal 2, Avenue of stars kiosks at Tsim Sha Tsui, all Circle K outlets, and selected Travelex stores.

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