Last two weeks of July were not easy for the family as our 3 years old daughter got sick. She had on and off fever and cough. After several check-ups and tests, my little girl was diagnosed with Primary Complex, one of common lung diseases among children.

Since it is a very common lung disease, treatment is now very easy by just continuous medication that usually up to 6 months. Although in some cases it can be extended up to 9 months, depending on how fast their lungs heal.

We were wondering where did she get the virus, and the only closest person with weak lungs was her Yaya that left us last January.

My little love always get feverish even with simple cough, colds and tonsillitis, her pediatrician gave cough meds, paracetamol and antibiotics, however, even after several medications, the fever still persists, we considered CBC test for dengue, and it was negative as the number of platelets is outstanding. She lost weight, as well as appetite. She’s getting skinny.

I decided to bring her to another pediatrician that specializes in lung diseases. He considered a skin testing to determine if our little girl is suffering from Primary Complex, and as suspected, the result turned positive. The doctor advised us to have our little girl x-rayed, and the result shows some white spots.

Our daughter is now taking anti-tuberculosis meds such as Isoniazid Pyridoxine HCI, Rifampicin and Pyrazinamide, it comes in a kit from Pediatrica which cost more or less 500 pesos. 3ml each medicine, 2 are taken before breakfast, while the other one is right after the meal.IMG_9342

So far she’s getting back into shape, not easily get feverish from simple colds and cough and her appetite is back. We will see her doctor again on August 24 to see if there’s any progress.