I suffered from a terrible allergy after waxing my legs last summer. My skin felt itchy and inflamed. I applied topical medicine and took an anti-histamine to ease the unpleasant itchiness, but I can’t control myself from scratching. After 3 days it became dry, bumpy and red. The itchy feeling vanished after several days, but my legs turned dark with white spots.

I started using Glysolid cream, a thick-pasty-white cream in a red container, a “pasalubong” from my sister-in-law from Saudi Arabia.


Glysolid is made of two active ingredients, Glycerin and Allantoin. The combination of these two ingredients helps soften and rejuvenate dry and damaged skin, while calms and soothes the irritated ones. It’s a healthy combination. However, its thickness is unbearable especially during hot weather. Later on I learned an alternative way to use Glysolid.


I grabbed an empty cream container, then I put Glysolid cream (half of the container). I squeezed my favorite lotion into the container to make it a little runnier, then I added a few drops of lemon Doterra essential oil. The mix is perfect for daily use.

After 2 weeks of using, the dry and dark part of my legs are now smoother and lighter.