I’m not into foundation, concealer or anything that meant to hide my skin flaws. Still lucky though, that I don’t have pimple marks, or severe acne during my teenage years. I’m happy with my skin even if I’m not mestiza, I’m just enjoying my fair skin, I’m not even flawless ah, not even close!

Trivia, my first facial was a month after I gave birth, and it was a GC from VMV. When I was a teenager, I used perla soap on my face (so pimple-free) hahaha! I used the classic ESKINOL as well, which I applied also on my arms since I have freckles there.

When I entered college, I patronized Lactacyd Baby Bath which I used as a facial wash. After 2 years, a friend of mind introduced the Renew Placenta Whitening Soap. I love this soap, until now I’m using this brand. No other placenta brand impeded.

As I get older, I noticed that fine lines are about to get visible, so I added moisturizer, toner and facial lotion on my daily beauty paraphernalia.

I tried Neutrogena, Nutriganics from Bodyshop and of course my super like Olay. Now, I’m using Dr. Jart BB cream as my make-up base, concealer and foundation, all-in-one. I only put moisturizer at night, because I find it sticky when moisturizer and BB cream combined.

I’m investing on my skincare rather than looking for a make-up brand to hide my flaws. I still believed that the true beauty is when you’re not wearing any make-up at all!

Low maintenance skincare!