It’s been a month since I switched from an Android smartphone to Apple’s latest flagship, the iPhone 6 S Plus, but I’m still familiarizing with its features.

Well, here’s a not-so-techie feedback from an ordinary work-at-home-mom.

First of all, my iPhone is just a “free” handset, which is not so free because I have to pay for like 30 months. It’s a Smart Enterprise plan that cost me 2000 per month.


It’s Apple so I have to love it (Social Climbing 101 hahaha), but seriously it’s just a phone. No big deal, except it’s fast, has a bright and vibrant display, great new cameras and solid battery life. Oh, and by the way, its “live” feature, wherein photos when touched can be a short live video showing what happened before and after the photo has been captured is awesome.  You can also take pictures while recording a video. Its 3D touch has potential as well.

I find it heavy, but still look elegant and posh. I got the gold one.


Free iPhone has only 16 GB memory, which is relatively very small, so I have to use iCloud and other similar apps to save images.

So far I’m enjoying iPhone 6 S Plus.