I am in a rush and panic mode these past few days. Panic in a sense of what will be the theme party for my little baby, what would be the estimated cost, where is the best venue, who will do the decor,¬†yadah…¬†yadah… Rush in terms of money!

I’m not sure if all parents are like me, I plan five months ahead of time, now finances are my major problem. My finances are a bit shaky. I don’t know if there’s a problem with my spending habit or what. My monthly salary is good enough, I have plenty of freelance projects as well and online stuff for other extra-money.

I don’t know what’s wrong? I’m in panic… Maybe I’m just afraid not to meet my own expectation about the party which taunting on my mind for like months ago.

This week, I’m planning to do extra effort to achieve what I want, I will save and do more freelance. At this point, I need to discipline myself. No more unplanned shopping. I have the tendency to go beyond my budget just like last week, I went shopping because I have extra cash and it didn’t happen once or twice, I think I was at the mall every day.

I seriously want to discipline myself before it’s too late.