Cotton Council International shares tips for stress-free family air travels

Parents value vacation time with their kids. But traveling with a child throwing tantrums is another story.

While out of town or overseas family trips are opportunities to bond and build precious memories together, parents face the dilemma of ensuring that their kids are fuss-free and comfortable during travel, especially inside the capsule-like cabin of an airplane.

Cotton Council International, the organization behind the COTTON USA Mark, shares these tips to help parents achieve a smooth-sailing family getaway, by making air travel a pleasurable experience even with a baby, toddler, or young child on board:

ü Comfort Clothing comes first: Especially when travelling, choose clothes that will be comfortable for the kids. Look for good quality fabrics that are sturdy yet comfortable, such as clothes made with 100% cotton. Baby’s cotton onesies, a toddler’s favorite tee shirt, trousers or shorts, and a little girls’ sundress paired with leggings will keep the little angel cozy and calm. Likewise, layering clothing, as needed, will help keep them warm during the cold flight or en route to a cold destination. But if you’re heading to a warm place like the beach, pieces of clothing can be easily removed upon arrival at the destination. Cotton pieces will also come in handy in case the clothes you packed for the vacation are not enough. Cotton is easy to launder and dries quickly, so repeating used clothes will not be necessary. In addition, try to avoid clothes that have too many buttons or straps should there be a need to give the child a quick change during the flight.

ü Stay secured with blankets and towels: Cotton blankets are the best for keeping baby comfortable and warm. With cotton’s breatheable weave, the blanket will surely be lightweight and soft on the baby’s skin. It is also essential to have on hand a few cotton hand or face towels that will come in handy for wiping off sweat or grime as cotton materials absorb moisture well. Look for the COTTON USA Mark when shopping to make sure only the best cotton touches your child’s delicate skin.

ü Bring their Favorite Toys: Whether the child is still an infant or an active three-year-old, it is wise to bring their toys to keep them busy and occupied for the duration of the journey. For babies, this could mean soft toys like fabric rattles or small stuffed toys. For older kids who are able to carry light toys in their own backpacks, books and puzzles or an electronic gadget or video game console will surely keep them entertained. Don’t forget to bring earphones – one wouldn’t want to disturb other passengers on the plane. If going on a long flight, maximize each toy by allowing the child to play with it one at a time.

ü Stock up on Toiletries and Medicine: Make sure to bring essential toiletries to help keep the kids clean along the way. Baby wipes are essential when changing the nappies of your baby, cleaning kids’ faces, fingers and spills on the child’s’ clothes or on oneself. Travel-size hand sanitizers, soaps and insect repellants will definitely come in handy as well. Don’t forget to bring motion sickness bags and special medications for fever, cough, colds and allergies. Use a large carry-on bag so that all these, together with the extra set of clothes in case food accidents and lost baggage happens, fit well.

ü Mom should be comfy too: While much of the attention is directed at the children during travel, mothers should also remember that it is essential for them to be properly clothed and comfortable as well. Dress up in clothes made with 100% cotton because cotton absorbs perspiration better than other fabrics, and will keep one feeling cool and fresh throughout the trip. Since traveling with kids can be messy, it is good to note that some cotton clothing are also stain-resistant, making it easier to wipe clean. In addition, Cotton tees, shirts, shorts and denims will make also allow mothers to move around more comfortably. Cotton cardigans and jackets can also be used to dress up one’s attire while keeping one warm in cold confined spaces such as an airplane. It would also be good to wear layered cotton clothing that can be removed by piece in case of spills.

Traveling with children can be a success with careful planning, organization and loads of patience. Whether it’s a weekend trip to the beach or the countryside or a long vacation abroad, make sure you’re prepared for the journey with these ideas from Cotton Council International, and enjoy the fun-filled, stress-free family bonding!