I know some gadget geeks are raising their eyebrows regarding this new Android Smartphone from Cherry Mobile. I am pretty sure that you can’t stop comparing the new baby of Cherry Mobile with other smartphones.


Why settle for a just an affordable smartphone, when you can go beyond affordability and still get the same features of other high-end smartphones?

Now is the time that you take a closer look at Nova, the first in line of Cherry Mobile’s Android smartphones, and be amazed at how it offers features at a very reasonable price. The Nova comes with a larger screen and higher camera resolution as compared to other brands within the same price range.

If you are a young professional, a business person, or a student who has a modern and fashionable lifestyle, having a Nova on your hand will definitely suit you best.

ECLAIR (2.0, 2.1) comes with a much improved and exciting features for Android including Live wallpapers, and new widgets that makes it visually appealing to end-users. Currently, the Eclair is the preferred choice for most smartphones using the Android Operating System.


Since gadget geeks are looking for specs comparison I am happy to share this chart between Cherry Mobile Nova and Samsung Galaxy 5. Enjoy!