Summer season is fast-approaching! Can you feel the heat? Are you prepared for some summer getaways and hangouts?

Cold season is about to end and we are about to bid our goodbyes to our dearest sweaters, cardigans and jackets. Let us all say “hello” for summer dresses and comfortable clothes that are made from light and thin fabrics.

I am pretty sure you will buy new set of clothes to replenish your closet for summer. If you have the time and some extra cash try to lurk in some malls, so you could shop for your summer outfit. Most of the clothes there are up-to-date and high-quality.

If you do not have enough money, you could also visit surplus shop or vintage stores (UKAY-UKAY) where you can have pre-owned nice clothes at a very low price. Just wash your clothes carefully.

If time is your big issue, and there’s no way to visit even the nearest mall, try to purchase good stuff online. Most of the online stores sell clothes, visit Very for more womens clothes.