Put your iPhone 5 on shuffle. Then, bob your head to the intro in the kitchen. Snap your fingers to the first verse in the living room. Shake your hips and sing along to the refrain in the shower. And rock out to the chorus in your bedroom.

Apple lovers are in for a treat as Philips adds a new page to its speaker roster with the Philips Room to Room Docking Speaker DS3205. With the release of the iPhone 5 and the latest iPods—and their totally new connection ports—Philips provides Apple lovers with a means to enjoy loud and clear music no matter where they are in the home.

Sporting full compatibility with the Apple iPhone 5 and the latest iPods, the Room to Room Docking Speaker DS3205 is one of the first of a range of Philips Docking Speakers to be fully compatible with Apple’s new 8-pin digital Lightning connector.

“It’s definitely the new little throne to dock your Lightning-equipped Apple devices,” remarks Ms. Angelia Oh, General Manager for Philips Consumer Lifestyle Philippines.

Apart from compatibility, the speaker also delivers big, clear sound. “Its superior performance and crystal-clear sound belies its diminutive size,” Ms. Oh adds. “It can be ported easily around the home, giving you maximum portability with AC power or battery options, while allowing you to dock your device without the hassle of messy wiring.”

Despite its size, the Room to Room Docking Speaker DS3205 can handle loud music without cracking due to high quality neodymium speakers for a superior bass response and balanced sound quality. Meanwhile, its Dynamic Bass Boost emphasizes bass content throughout the range of volume settings.

“Whether you choose maximum or minimum volume levels, the speaker will deliver pristine, clear sound without distortion,” Ms. Oh explains. “The bass levels are also boosted to ensure consistent sound.”

 Design-wise, the speaker is a sleek and portable conclave with a 360-degree compact design, fit for modern home décor.

 Adapting with constantly changing technology, Philips stays ahead of the pack in terms of compatibility without forgoing the quality it is known for. “We are happy to cater to Apple users looking for the right docking speaker that is perfectly compatible with the new generation of iDevices,” says Ms. Oh. “All of this is part of our commitment to creating meaningful innovations that make lives easier.”