I am so delighted when I received an invitation from Etude House Philippines, a party at the Republiq in Resorts World, New Port Pasay City.

cute invitation.... parteeh!

In my desirousness and excitement, I canceled all my meetings, activities and other errands that fall on the same date, Oct 7, 2010. I even exerted an effort to follow the dress code, at least to wear something in shades of pink.

I am not surprised at all when some beauty bloggers walked out. Why? because invited bloggers are mistreated inside the venue (geez).

I was with my beauty blogger gffs last night and yes we felt like we were party crashers. There were no seats for bloggers, or since it was a standing party at least a specific place for us to stay. We looked so stupid last night, they asked us to go out because the program has not yet started. They indicated in the invitation that the party will start at 7:30, and hell no! It was 9:00 PM and we were effin hungry. We came from work and therefore we can’t bear to stand for more long hours.

It was past nine when I heard Tim Yap hosting the program. Since we don’t know where to tarry, we decided to rest at the lounge, although we laid our heavy asses at the lounge area we were cognizant enough to know that the program has been started, but we opted not to watch since we were exhausted, disappointed and pissed.

At 9:30 we decided to go out for dinner. We went back to get our press kits, but they gave us kits without CD since we had pink stubs and not the green ones. The organizer said: “sorry ma’am press kits are limited for media people only,” I replied “I was invited as a blogger here, so what am I going to write?”

In the first place, if they don’t consider blogging as a new media they shouldn’t even bother to send us invitations. IMHO, I am one of Manila’s beauty bloggers who’s not asking for a VIP treatment and not even after some goodies.

Bloggers should be treated with respect!

I don’t know who were responsible for that event. As far as I know I still like Etude House products, it was the event that I am not happy with.

Thank you for the invitation anyway! I love the theme and the venue, it was just not a blogger-friendly event.

A message from Etude House Girls:
“Dear Ms. Shiena,

We are very sorry if you have felt disrespected but it was indeed unintentional in our part. Please accept our sincerest apology.”

Okay, I will let this pass, your products are good but please handle the media properly, otherwise, expect for a bad online reputation that will backlash to your brand.

Early birds…

Photo Op…