The hair is our crowning glory and for years, Cream Silk has been helping women to achieve shiny and silky hair that makes every woman feel and look good.

Recently, Cream Silk came up with a campaign that transcends its mission to beautify Filipinas. The Cream Silk Women Empowerment Program has transformed the lives of young women by giving them a springboard to succeed against all odds.

Cream Silk has this scholarship program that will help young women to achieve their dreams. Formed in November 2008, the program has been giving scholarship grants to deserving female college students enrolled in male-dominated courses such as Engineering and Architecture. Thirty scholars from the University of the Philippines (UP) and ten from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) are chosen each school year.

Cream Silk is currently supporting 96 scholars in both UP and PUP and ten Cream Silk scholars have already graduated last March from PUP.

Aside from the scholarship program, Cream Silk’s campaign for women empowerment is also very evident in its latest TVC. Featuring the world-class beauty Venus Raj as the epitome of an empowered Filipina who defied the odds with her confidence and determination.

Since Venus went through a lot of hardships in order to attain her aspirations, she is the perfect ambassador for this campaign. Surely, more women can relate to her inspiring life story.

“I am very flattered to be chosen by Cream Silk as its new brand ambassador,” Venus enthuses. “Together with Cream Silk, I hope I will be able to inspire and empower more Filipinas to rise above the challenges, and realize their aspirations.”