I am a self-proclaimed beauty blogger, but I don’t really invest on make-up that much, I would rather invest on my skincare. With that, I feel more confident knowing that my skin glows even without  make-up.

On a daily basis, it’s pretty normal to see me wearing red lipstick and mascara. I’m not really into eye shadows and blushes. Cheek tint and eye liner are enough to make me on the go.

Recently, I attended Ms. Jade’s wedding, my boss. It was an afternoon church wedding and the reception was held at the garden, within the church’s vicinity.

At first, I was thinking of applying loud lipstick to last for more hours, but I changed my mind. Since people used to see me wearing red lipstick, I decided to wear nude color for a change. It also matched my dress.

For my face, I used different shades of brown and gold. Although I’m aware that it would not last that long, I don’t care. I want to look simple yet classy in that particular occassion.

Pero ang totoo, my husband told me not to wear heavy make-up! Yun yon eh!

Feelingerang pa-nude effect!

During the party (agnas-agnas na muk-up, feelingera kase)