It’s been fiveyears since I started my online career. I started as a researcher, then marketing specialist and ended up as an SEO.

All these years I’ve been utilizing different social networking sites such as Friendster, Myspace, Hi5, Tagged, Multiply and now the Facebook. I have also account in different social bookmarking sites such as twitter, plurk and the like. I’m super active in some local forums like femalenetwork,, and smartparenting. I get bored to use blogger, so I decided to explore wordpress and build my own site. haaaayyyyy…

One thing about online technology is they just come and go.  Too bad, sharing of ideas, thoughts, point of views online are restricted, unless you’re anonymous. There are times I want to clean my online profile and hide some information about me. I’m using google alerts too, just to track my online reputation.

But recently, I had trouble because of facebook. I posted something without thinking “Wala bang masasaktan?”, “Lahat ba ng tao dito sa network ko, kaparehas ko ng point of view?” … in short di ako nag-isip, at syempre may nasaktan. I felt bad, and because of this… I won’t share WHAT’S ON MY MIND to the public without screening it first. Lesson Learned!