Most of us are imposed to stay at home to eradicate the spread of the Covid-19 virus since it is the best way to avoid getting infected as there is no vaccine yet. Many employees nowadays are required to work from home, embracing the “new normal” – virtual meetings, clouds, screen-sharing, webinars, and more. However, not everyone is suitable for this kind of arrangement. Some of my mommy friends are having a hard time concentrating on work.


They said working from home can be so draining, others confessed they can only work from midnight until the break of dawn while their kids are at sleep, yet they have to be online the entire day. 

My sister-in-law has to work on weekends or whenever there is a chance. She made twice as much the effort because her maternity leaves just finished off, yet she is still breastfeeding.

Juggling from being a corporate slave to a mommy mode is tough. To be able to do it, you must put up some boundaries or rules. 

I’m sharing some practical tips here to cope up in a work-from-home setup.

Disclaimer: I’m not working-from-home at the moment, but I discovered a lot from my 8 years of experience being a work-at-home mom (WAHM).

Find a quiet place to set up an office

An empty room can be an ideal place to set up your home office, but if you have limited space, consider putting a divider so whenever you have an online meeting, you can have a decent background.

Take a bath before working

It is always nice to start your day right. Freshen up, prepare like you are really off to the office. Don’t work on pajamas.

Prepare food and stuff for your kids

To avoid disturbance, make breakfast for your family and prepare the things they might need while you are working. It is recommended for young kids to have activities that will make them occupied such as coloring materials, educational toys, and books. Try to restrict gadget screen time.

Work on your schedule

Start on time. Be mindful that the company is paying you to work, not to spend your valuable time on social media. Integrity is another secret to the success of WAHM. 

Don’t eat on your working table

Eat your meal on your dining table no matter how busy your day is. 

Take a break

Enjoy your break even if you are at home. Spend it with your kids.

Don’t entertain or respond to emails at night

Just don’t. There are slave-drivers that once you allow them to bother you at night, they will do it again. Rest!

To keep your sanity and to avoid sleepless nights, time management is the key. Hope these will help you while on quarantine mode.

Thanks for reading my blog. Have a nice day!