Worst fashion trend I witnessed

Admit it guys, there are some trends that we really embraced and there are some naman na we really hate.

What I can recall now are the spicegirls’ shoes. I have seen some celebrities who worn pair of those super elevated shoes in shades of pink. (not a fan) :X

Second is the CROCS, yes it’s colorful, but rubber? ahmmm… for gardening?

Third is the Neon overload clothing, I hate it, I really do. It’s irritating.

And oh the effin shutter shades… I just don’t get the purpose of wearing.

Then the Jejemon fashion hahaha! Just google Jejemon then you will see.

Last, the shoulder pads, hahaha… grand moms’ days!

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  1. Shalene May 13, 2010 Reply

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