Kotex shared their latest innovation, the Kotex Luxe Designs that will surely makes you WOW. The intimate blogger event was held in BIZU restaurant in Greenbelt 2.

Try to observe, when we’re amazed by a certain thing or event, WOW is the word we used to utter. I am pretty sure that the women of today that are high-spirited, sassy and audacious will be curious about these printed pads by Kotex.

Come to think of it, having menstruation is the most dislike event of the month, if you could only skip your monthly period without getting pregnant, but there’s no way to escape without risking your health. There are critics that say ‘who cares if your pad is printed’, that would be for your eyes only and it will eventually turn into red.

Hmmm… Got your point, but there are some who are after the self-indulgent.  It’s like wearing color-coordinated underwear, you will not going to flaunt it as well, unless you have sexy time. As Kotex said, their new product is dedicated to all women who share their spirit of expression.

Kotex Ultrathin has two designs, the INDIE CHIC and the GIRL-NEXT-DOOR.

I almost forgotten my hidden creativity, great that KOTEX asked us, bloggers to participate in the design contest, ‘design your napkin’. It was fun though! I’m glad that I won. I couldn’t believe that there are still creative juices left in my brain.

My Napkin Design