Hair is not just our crowning glory, it also tells what you eat, where you live, your lifestyle, and habits. All of us have approximately 100,000 strands of hair to take good care of. But the common question is how to have a straight and strong, smooth and shiny healthy hair.

There are ways to have a smooth and shiny healthy hair. One of these is the proper shampooing and using of conditioner. Another is to cut spliced ends that cannot be repaired. Avoid sun exposure, if in case it is inevitable, use hair protection such as hat, umbrella and the like.

Too much hair treatment such as rebonding, hair perm and other hair straightening procedures can cause severe hair damage and hair loss. In addition, hair coloring contributes in causing hair damage when the procedure is not correct.

Just like our nails, face and skin, our hair needs time to breathe and to get some rest from different hair treatments. Make sure to consult to your hairstylist about the hair treatment needed. Better to have stylist that is not just after your money, but has the knowledge and care about her/his clients.

Below are some hair essentials

Hair Dryer

It’s a NO, NO to rub your wet hair because hair is at its most fragile stage when wet. It’s better if you have hair dryer at home.

You can check ghd hair dyer, a small hairdryer that delivers big results wherever you go.

Hair Straightener

Fake and sub-standards hair straighter can cause severe damage on our hair, better to look for a brand that has unique digital technology which controls the temperature for even better and faster styling, the ghd straighteners is one brand to consider.

Good Brush

The higher the quality of your hairbrush, the healthier your hair can be.

Wide-toothed comb

Never use a brush to comb out your wet hair!

Conditioner and Shampoo

Conditioner protects hair from harsh brushing by leaving it tangle-free. Shampoos work by cleansing hair of dirt and oil. Picking the correct shampoo is all about the ingredients.