These past few days I’ve been combating stress and I’m also in the middle of searching for massage oil that will soothe my tired and stressed body. I tried so many products like Pau liniment. I was amazed by its soothing effect, so relaxing, but I super hate the minty scent. So I decided to look for another variant of Pau liniment. I’m happy there is this Pau Lotion with moisturizer. But then again my problem about this variant is the absorption because I have hard times applying lotion unlike when I’m using oil.

It was very fortunate when I spotted a Tiange in the middle part of Greenbelt 1 and found this massage oil name Essens Aromatherapy Massage Oil for 110 only. I love the lavender scent! This is what I’ve been looking for. My masseuse will like it and for sure it will relax and ease my tired body.