This is my review on Spa Wisdom Japan – Adzuki Bean and Rice Shower Gel and Japan Yuzu and Green Tea Bathing Salts from The Bodyshop.

I have been using these two Spa Wisdom Japan products for a month now.

What I really enjoyed about the shower gel is the richness and thickness once applied. It really moisturize my skin after shower, leaving it soft, smooth and fresh. The product has a scent of freshness which I truly love.

On the other hand, Bathing Salts from Spa Wisdom Japan is best for removing dead skin and for rejuvenating. But do not overuse it, the frequent use of this product may also damage your skin, soak it with water then scrub your body twice or once a week only.

Therefore, I recommend these two bath and body products of The Bodyshop, a must try.