ideal cake design

My daughter’s 1st birthday is really fast-approaching. Today, I can feel the pressure. I need more money and yet I only have one and a half months to save and execute the plan.

Although I won’t be shouldering all the expenses since my husband will give a nice amount of money while my parents and in-laws gave pledges as well, still, I need to save, for those just-in-case moment.

My husband and I decided to have a ‘polka dots’ theme instead of having a character theme party that is very common nowadays.

The colors that are now playing on my mind are hot pink, black and white, but apparently, I need more colors, bright colors since it will be a kiddie party.

Oh my, I feel stress and pressure. I have so many things to attend to, meetings, events, plus this preparation.

How I wish Divisoria is not a stinky and dangerous place to visit… how I wish!