As a mom, teething of our babies is another milestone, but what are the signs that our babies are teething?

There are some symptoms that you may not observe on your baby, but most cases are the same. Babies are teething when he/she refuses to drink milk, or eat food, he/she is crying out loud, drooling, wakefulness, crankiness, etc. Babies might obviously biting, super irritated, salivating, might have fever and runny nose. Worst case, they may poop four to five times a day.

Nevertheless, all these symptoms are parts of growing up, inevitable, but as a mom, we can do something to at least ease the pain of teething.

Whenever your baby has diarrhea, due to teething, let him/her poop, but give her/him oral re hydration salts or better ask your pediatrician. Play with her/him, so he/she can divert her/his attention to your activities, and feel less pain. Give your baby something to bite like teether and try to massage her/his gums with your clean finger.

But if you are not yet satisfied, and still worried, visit your trusted pediatrician.