Last PTA meeting we dressed up our kids in their favorite superheroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and Darna for their short school program that had a theme of “Jesus Christ our Superhero”. I was expecting that most of the girls will be wearing either Supergirl, Darna or Wonder Woman as these can be purchased easily. So I made a quick research. The girl version of Captain America captured my interest (very pinteresting). Although I still purchased the Supergirl costume at the Toy Kingdom for contingency plan which at the end rented by her classmate.

The girly Captain America costume has a tutu skirt which I thought would be perfectly fit for Andi as she loves tutu skirt so much (feeling ballerina). My mother sewed the tutu skirt and top. I just added stars on it and made some accessories like headband and wristlet. My little girl wore it with much gusto!

Verdandi as Cap America (4)

My Kikay Captain America

Since all parents and guardians exerted too much effort on that simple activity, the Principal told us there will be a repeat of the presentation. Now I’m thinking what Superhero character would be my next project.

I’m such a doting mom and a frustrated artist/designer. lol


Satin Top with silk screen painted star