I’m not really a fan of foreign TV series. In fact, I only follow 2 Broke Girls and TVD these days. I just can’t believe that I’m hooked to these two cupcake divas, Caroline (Beth Behrs) and Max (Kat Dennings). At first I thought that since it is a sitcom, the story would just be very light and funny, but it exceeded my expectation as it became more realistic. Now people can relate and entertain.

Well come to think of it, in our real world we have best friends, pervert co-workers, supportive peers and some annoying neighbors. Real people experienced falling in love, getting dumped, falling in love again and committing mistakes, just like in the story of the 2 Broke Girls.

Another best part of the series that I love apart from the closeness is their passion in reaching their dream. The two girls are very driven. They show to the viewers that when you have a dream, work for it whatever it takes.

Caroline is my inspiration with regards to some marketing strategies as she has lots of creative juices and clever ideas that just pop out in her mind. These are ideas that can be applied in real marketing world. I love Max’s guts on expressing what she feels especially when she is annoyed. I wish to have the nerve like her.

Now I can’t wait to watch the next episode to be aired on the 24th of February. 🙂