Want to add some personal touch on your birthday party token? I am going to share what I did for my little daughter’s birthday party.

I am a fan of DIY tokens since personal touch adds value to the gift. I spotted a canned food coin bank made of rubber and plastic at Clippers. It was like love at first sight since it’s cute, plus customization seems pretty easy. I personally designed the cover to replace the existing one. The design was printed on a thin-glossy-magazine-like paper that will serve as cover. With the help of adhesive tape, the cover was perfectly placed in the rubber can.

I went to the National bookstore, and while lurking I spotted a nice gift wrapper that can accommodate the size of the rubber coin bank. Too bad that it was late when I realized that I bought different sizes, so what I did was I cut each wrapper and sewed it to make them even.

Here are some photos.

De Lata


End Product