Hi preggy moms,  I would like to share the cost of giving birth in Makati Med, just in case you’re interested.

It was based on my bill during my confinement in Makati Med.

I preferred to give birth in Makati Med because of my OB-Gyne, Dra. Caedo-Lim, I choose the semi-private package for more practical reasons, but there are packages that you can also review or take into considerations.

The Semi-Private Package (delivery room, nursery and others) cost roughly P42,000.00. Still, there are some charges that are not inclusive to the package, such as extended stay in the delivery room, extended professional fees for anesthesiologist and OB-Gyne, which is exactly what happened to me.

I stayed for more than 12 hours, therefore, I have to pay for additional epidural, and professional fees for my anesthesiologist and OB-Gyne. My bill increased up to P58,000.00, exclusive of miscellaneous and other expenses in and out the hospital.