Learning disability is a childhood disorder in certain skills, such as difficulty in reading, writing, reasoning, listening, speaking and calculating. It is a serious problem that would needย  full attention. It may vary from a person to a person. One person’s learning disability is not necessarily the same as those of another individual.

Nutrition plays an important role in brain development. Learning disability may be due to neurological impairments such as heredity, problems during pregnancy and birth, accident after birth, and poverty. Lead exposure has been linked to this problem as well.

Learning disability can be a lifelong situation that affects the self-esteem of a person with this kind of disorder. Such difficulties can extend to school, work, daily routines, family and love life. The disability usually manifests itself during elementary days.

Since there is no cure to this mental problem, parents must do something to boost your child’s confidence. You can praise your child when he or she is doing well, pay attention to his mental health, and coordinate with his teacher to monitor signs of behavioral changes..