Our current situation is no better than last year, although vaccines are readily available (at least for some), cases of COVID-19 in the country and even abroad continue to rise, and the fear of becoming infected remains high. Restrictions and lockdowns are always in place each time the cases increase. This contributes stress to our mental health.

Words such as stress, depression and anxiety are pretty normal to hear nowadays. It is sad that most of us have mental health problems due to our desperate circumstances. Lack of freedom, poverty, loss of loved ones, missed opportunities, unemployment and hunger are the challenges most of us face today.

People are finding ways to deal with stress in a pandemic environment. Many of us turn back to nature and became plant lovers, some started selling online and made their hobbies profitable, others became health and fitness buff, while there are Pinoys who got addicted to Kdramas even more.

The availability of resources while staying at home has made things possible for a lot of us through online e-commerce platforms, cashless transactions and wide selections of domestic and international couriers. Although not everyone is in the same boat during this battle, I simply think that most of us are trying to be positive and healthy – physically, mentally and spiritually.

I have had quite a few mental health issues amid this uncertainty. There were times I was up all night. My mind was restless with so many what ifs. I could not even concentrate and became easily irritated. I was so nervous and worried.

My event life was on a long break. I lost so many chances and wasted money on canceled parties. I was being unproductive and was unable to provide for my family for a while. It was so upsetting.

I realized that my mental health was in danger, so I started searching for hobbies that can help me forget our desperate situation.

I started collecting plants and proclaimed myself as a “Plantita”. I met new friends and learned new things about ornamental plants. I also got addicted to some Korean dramas and Netflix shows.

It was last quarter of 2020 when the events life resurrected with a strict health protocol to follow. Still, my fear of being infected made me anxious most of the time.

It got worse when we were exposed to a COVID positive patient who was a server during our event. The call from the contact tracer was like a nightmare. Thank heavens nobody tested positive. It was such a relief, and an eye opener that social gathering like a wedding can be a super-spreader event.

I was pre-occupied again with left and right meetings and events, just like during pre-COVID days. But it has been just a false hope when the LGU prohibited social gatherings once again due to the increasing number of COVID cases in the country. My excitement was replaced by another season of anxiety as my circle of friends got infected. Yes, it is now on my circle!

I am tired being paranoid. My physical well-being suffered too. I am not feeling well as of this writing, but I am trying to regain my strength. I started listening to music and watching Kdramas again, also my planting journey continues. Currently, I am addicted to the group “Home Buddies” which inspires me to decorate our new home.

Life can be so tiresome, but we must not lose hope. We are approaching the end of this pandemic as the vaccines are soon available for everyone. True enough that what we can do today is to patiently wait for this to end, strengthen our relationship to the Lord, and to our family.

Thanks for reading my blog. Have a nice day!