Time really flies so fast, it’s been two years since I said: “yes, I do” to the man (beyond doubt) I love, and in just two years, we are blessed with a little-witty-baby Andi. She’s almost one and seven months as of today. And there’s another big change that is making us excited and tense at the same time — our plan to move out from his parents custody by August. We are about to build and establish our own family, and we will live together under one roof. Finally, I won’t be staying here in Manila and spend weekdays working far from them anymore. I had enough, they need me 24/7 and that’s a fact.


Before we tie the knot, we’ve shared seven years in a relationship and we’ve known each other for almost half of our life. However, there are things that you wouldn’t discover until you both live in one roof. Seriously, it’s fun to learn lots of good and bad things every day.


Between the two of us, I’m the one who loves celebrating special day like this. In fact, for almost nine years, I’m the one in charged on planning (or I’m just dominating him lol). This year, we can’t afford to splurge on this anniversary since we are facing big adjustment; ergo, simple celebration is a must.

Thank God for an added year!

I’m a cheater!

Shrimp Arabiata


Supreme Plater


Yes, Hangover II is so funny!