Mobility is one of the challenges I encountered during the first week of my daughter’s summer schooling as I need to stay at school while working.

Since we don’t have yaya/helper nowadays, I’m oblige to wake up early, do the household chores, prepare my daughter and bring her to school. I wake up at around 5:30 AM and start my day cleaning our little apartment. After cleaning, I open my computer, read e-mails and start working.

Once my daughter is up, I pause for a while to eat breakfast and prepare for school and work. Before leaving our home, I ensure that my responsibility at work is all set, at least for an hour.

During the first week of my daughter’s summer classes, I keep bringing my netbook with Smartbro plug-it, but I still find it huge and hassle to move around. To solve my mobility issue, I started searching for a gadget that enables user to get connected anytime, anywhere, and that is the pocket Wi-Fi.

At first, I’m contemplating whether to purchase the Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi or the pocket Wi-Fi from Smart, but since I don’t want to get locked in just one network, I grabbed the Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi from PC Madness Philippines for 2800 only.

It works just like the plug it one, where you just need a SIM card with load, but the gadget needs to be charged. I tried it for a day and it works pretty fast compared to the plug-it and it can be shared up to 10 gadgets/devices.

Now I can stay connected anytime, anywhere!