I am not a dermatologist, but then most of my friends are asking me questions such as “how to get rid of pimples?” I don’t know what to say, I am not knowledgeable. Perhaps they want to know my secret for having a pimple-free face.

My common answers are “genetics”, “I’m taking pills” or “try to use unscented or fragrance-free facial wash,” “drink plenty of water,” “have an eight hours of decent sleep”… LOL

I don’t know if the above tips had work on their end. In my POV, facial problem is a serious matter and must address to a dermatologist to have a professional care. What works for me might not good enough for you, we have different types of skin, bear that in mind.

I have low maintenance facial care, I just wash my face with fragrance-free facial wash or at least light one, I’m using toner, plus moisturizer and occasional DIY facial treat such as mask and facial sauna. Low maintenance means fewer problems, less hassle and less expense on my part.


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