I can’t believe that for two consecutive weeks, my morning source of news feeds me updates about abandoned babies and aborted fetuses. My dosage of debauched news every day makes me feel terribly sad.

Why there are irresponsible parents existing here on earth, oh why?

I’m not self-righteous bitch, but I really condemn this act. Murdering these innocent creatures of God is loathsome and unacceptable.

While there are couples who are mourning by the lost of their babies inside their wombs, there are some selfish beings killing their babies just because they are petrified by the word RESPONSIBILITY. Life is so unfair!

Babies are superb gifts from God. Life without offspring is so incomplete, whether it is by choice or by faith you will surely longing for kids, and the happiness they are bringing.

I’m very glad I have my little Andi, even if it was an unforeseen pregnancy, abortion was certainly not an option.