I grew up in a place where kids can play, run and socialize with others. This kind of environment is what I want for my baby.

There was a time, back when I was having my pre-natal check up in Makati Medical Center, I saw a little kid on a leash, being yanked and tugged by her nanny. I thought the little kid has a deficiency, or might be a special child. My mind set has not changed, until I read about the leash for sale.

Oh, crap! Today, leashes are for kids too! I thought leashes are just for animals. Backpack leashes are now available in some baby’s stores all over the world.

I do not like this product! Given that, it is pretty much easy to keep track of your toddlers when they are just leash-length away, but leash is leash no matter what. I do not want to see my little child tethered on a string like my pet.

This is just my POV as a mom, I have nothing against backpack leash sellers or those parents who are embracing this idea. There is nothing wrong with safety harnesses. It’s just that, I don’t like it.

Below are some online photos of kids on leashes