Living with Peptic Ulcer is really sucks. I have been diagnosed with Peptic Ulcer way back 2007 during my “Events days”. My early years after graduation made my Ulcer even worse. Most of the time I skipped meals because I need to be around before the show begins, after the event, that’s the only time we are free to eat, and have some coffee and yosi break.

Unluckily, I left the Events Marketing world with untreated Peptic Ulcer, although I’m taking antacids, proton inhibitors and other medicines, it’s not enough. I’m not disciplined in avoiding bad foods and bad lifestyle. I’m an occasional drinker, I love coffee and chocolate, I can’t live without sodas and juices, and God knows how I love fatty foodies.

In retrospect, I’m still sick because I’m a hard-headed-sick-mommy. It’s been five years, and I’m still suffering. Based on my observation, occasional stomach pain, heartburn and bloated feeling are still inevitable last past two weeks before I decided to address my problem to a Gastro.

Well, I don’t want to experience the worst part. My Gastro told me that my recurrent Peptic Ulcer maybe not just because of acid, he considered the H. Pylori test, it can be done in two ways, by endoscopy and by blood test. However, endoscopy requires a fasting and a huge amount of money, (although I have HMO), I’m also trying to escape the idea that they are going to insert little camera inside my stomach, so I asked if we could try the bloody testing ; ).

I have three remaining meds to take, therefore, I need to go back on Thursday to know the result of the H. Pylori test. What I can do now is to obey the right food diet for people who are living with Peptic Ulcer. That is not to fatty foods, spicy foods, and dairy foodies. I also need to cut down my coffee, hot choco, sodas and juices intake. I’m trying to avoid taking Ibuprofen and other meds that can worsen my peptic ulcer as well.

Right now, I’m praying for a “No to H. Pylori result”. Lord, pleaaase? ; )