Neutrogena launched their new product line, the Fine Fairness Range last June 23, 2010 at Society Lounge in Makati City.

Fine Fairness is a line of skincare products specially formulated to brighten, protect and deliver fair, even-toned skin for healthy, lasting radiance. It was another innovation from Neutrogena.

As expected, beauty bloggers and traditional media were gathered together to witness the unveiling of Neutrogena’s Fine Fairness Range. The launching was just a small talk after a delicious lunch in a fine dinning restaurant in Makati City.

The key people from Neutrogena shared the eight dimensions of healthy fairness and some facts about melanin and skin diversity, and the secret to fairness. They also discussed the technology they use and how it answers most of our skin problems such as darkening.

They introduced the Fairness Regimen – Fine Fairness® Cleanser, Fine Fairness® Toner, Fine Fairness® Lotion SPF 30/PA++, Fine Fairness ® Cream work synergistically to bring out the skin’s natural fairness and radiance. These products are now available in the Philippines.

The Neutrogena Fine Fairness® Cleanser is the first step in achieving long lasting radiance. This purifies the skin as it thoroughly removes impurities, helping improve overall fairness and clarity. The rich and creamy foam removes dirt, oil and dead skin cells without stripping skin of its natural moisture. It also contains Vitamin C, Essential Soy and skin-lighteners to improve fairness and translucence of skin.

The Neutrogena Fine Fairness® Toner is a whitening toner that helps improve overall fairness and translucence. It contains Vitamin C and Essential Soy™ to help reduce discoloration for a more even skin tone. Special liposome delivery system deposits whitening ingredients into skin to help lighten overall complexion. Natural extracts and skin conditioners also replenish moisture, keeping skin soft and hydrated.

The Neutrogena Fine Fairness® Lotion SPF 30/PA++ prevents the appearance of melanin on the inside and at the same time, moisturizes and protects skin on the outside. With HealthyWhite™ Complex and light-diffusing minerals, it boosts the whitening process and reduces uneven pigmentation. In addition, the UVA and UVB formula with SPF 30 shields skin from darkening and photo damage. This oil-free whitening lotion improves overall skin fairness, reduces dullness and sallowness, while smoothening skin and making pores less visible.

Suited for use at night, the Neutrogena Fine Fairness® Cream protects inner skin against melanin to give an even, translucent skin tone. It also has high concentrations of HealthyWhite™ Complex, thereby giving skin a healthy, rosy glow while you sleep.