My little girl who just turned three last July 14 loves “messy play”. These include playing playdough, clay, sands, and even unrestricted painting. She even had an eye irritation a week ago due to the watercolor paint. Thank God it didn’t last that long.

Why I let her enjoy the “messy playtime”?

“Messy play” helps to hone child’s motor skills. It also provides a tactile and sensory experience that inspires curiosity. Aside from the above-mentioned, it supports language development, problem-solving, and social interaction skills as well.

Allowing my little one to enjoy the sensory-enhancing playtime means a lot of work and supervision for me. But that’s fine, for as long as she is learning new things.

Overseeing a toddler is not enough.

Parents should provide safe learning toys to our little learners. Many online stores are now selling educational stuff for kids. I recently purchased some food-grade playdoughs, mats, and tools at Hands On for P1050 (including shipping fee). The store also offers non-toxic paints for kids. 

For watercolors, I only buy non-toxic ones. I let her wear an apron so her clothes won’t get stained. 

Playing kinetic sands is absolutely fun, however, parents must supervise as it can irritate their eyes. They can also throw them all over. 

Despite the tiring routine, I will continue to encourage her to do the messy playtime. I will definitely miss the “mess” when she grows up. Gabbie will not be a toddler forever.

Thanks for reading my blog. Have a nice day!