I’m married and blessed with one lovely baby girl, I’m turning 25 this year, and I don’t want to have another baby yet. All I want is to take care of my little one, spend more time with her and with my hubby, and get back into shape, seriously. That is why I decided to take an oral contraceptive pills.

At first, I’m kind of hesitant about the oral pills because of the strict time requirement, once you’ve missed=buntis. But of course, that’s not true. When you’re on pills, you can monitor and track your menstruation cycle and if in case you missed one or more pills you can do some back-up plans like using condom as an alternate birth control gear.

Apparently, taking pill is like choosing the best shampoo for you, it’s “HIYANGAN”. I admit, I had hard times at the beginning. I had spotting for one month, severe mood swings and loss of libido.

Bad isn’t it? Well, once your body made the adjustment you will overcome those side- effects. As of now, what’s left is the mood swing, but it’s tolerable.

You must consult your OB-Gyne before taking any contraceptive pills. I’m taking the Trust Pill, it has placebo pills to keep you on track, you know dummy pills. You can buy this oral contraceptive for less than P50.00 only.