Pregnancy is not just having a baby inside your tummy, pregnancy has its pros and cons too, such as morning sickness, stretchmarks and the LABOR DAY!

Below are some shared experiences from some mommyfriends:

From HitandMrs

“worst experience yung first 3-4 months, maraming amoy na nakakairita, na-enjoy ko… syempre medyo pampered, tsaka okay ang commute kasi madalas napagbibigyan sa upuan hahahaa”

From Kath

“madalas worst ako, super hirap ko magbuntis.. 1st baby nagpre term labor ako, 5 mos p lng 1st baby boy ko sa he didn’t make it… 2nd pregnancy, blighted ovum, naraspa ako! 3rd pregnancy, nag succed na ako.

super hirap ako sa 1st trimester, pglilihi!.. dami tests ng labotory, ever now and tehn inu ultra sound just 2 make sure ok ang baby…during delivery, supposedly normal delivery unfortunately ayaw bumaba ng baby ok na ang hilab pero ayaw pa din bumaba until 5cm lng… after 24 hrs. My OB decided to take under CS…

From Purplepieces

“best — ung na-feefeel mo gumagalaw si baby, tapos glowing ka hehehe,  at tumaba ako…worst — hirap matulog, nausea, mood swings etc.”

From Me? hahaha

“Best part – … ahmm… the way other people treated me… when my baby kicks and play inside my tummy… Worst – stretchmarks, morning sickness, nausea, sleepless nights..arggghh…”

See? being a mom is not easy!