Feel the love from Philips with this Valentine’s Day gift and activity guide

 Whenever Valentine’s Day rolls around, it comes with the pressure of thinking up the perfect date—and giving the perfect gift! On this special day, hearts should be pounding with joy, and not pounding with fear. To save you from your gift and date night worries, Philips is offering this excellent array of products and activities for a memorable Valentine’s Day.

 A cuddle on the couch, and a perfect cup of coffee

 With the cold wind blowing past us this Valentine’s Day, why not make the most out of the rare cuddle weather with your special someone and whip up great tasting espresso at the touch of a button using the Philips Saeco Intelia One Touch Cappuccino HD8753.

 The Intelia One Touch Cappuccino is an easy to use automatic espresso machine designed to deliver the perfect espresso experience from bean to cup. Ladies can enjoy their favorite cappuccino using the Intelia’s integrated automatic milk function with easy refill. The gentlemen, on the other hand, won’t be left out when they get even a whiff of the Intelia’s espresso.

 With adjustable coffee strength and temperature, as well as ceramic grinders for aroma preserving and a flavor-enhancing pre-brewing function, the Intelia is built to satisfy. It will serve you perfectly prepared coffee to go along with warm loving cuddles this Valentine’s Day.

9 Philips Saeco Intelia

 Make her look extra stunning for your night out

Women love to look good, especially for the men they adore. And needless to say, the men appreciate it. With the Philips ActiveCare Hair Dryer HP8270, it’s a win-win situation come date night.

 The ActiveCare Hair Dryer adds more body and bounce to hair, with a TempPrecision sensor that maintains hair temperature to keep healthy moisture intact. The volume diffuser dries hair healthily, reduces frizz and increases volume by spreading the airflow across the hair. It also has six flexible speed and temperature settings for full control.

 With your girl styled like a star, take her on a romantic dinner for two—and make heads turn!

14 Philips Dryer HP8270

 Make him smooth, suave and ready to dance

 Want to see your man smarten up with a clean or even stylized shave for a cozy night out? Well, then take matters into your own hands and get him a brand new Philips AquaTouch AT890.

 This wet and dry electric shaver is the secret to a smooth, clean shave. Designed for use even while in the shower, the AquaTouch offers both a comfortable dry shave as well as a refreshing wet shave. It features an inbuilt Aquatec seal which makes the shaver fully waterproof and optimized for use with shaving gel or foam.  This means enhanced skin comfort and minimal skin irritation.

 In addition, it utilizes DualPrecision shaving heads that have slots to shave the normal hairs and holes to shave even the shortest stubble. With his clean and suave look, he’s ready for a night of fine dining and slow dancing!


 Turn your home into a cinema, and have an all-day movie date

Sometimes, the best dates don’t need to be extravagant or overly special. They can happen right at home. This Valentine’s Day, stay in and spend an entire day all bundled up, watching movies with your loved one. And do it with cinema-like audio courtesy of the Philips Soundbar CSS5123.

 A sleek and premium speaker system, the Soundbar utilizes Virtual Surround Sound technology, wherein the speakers are precisely angled to create a surround sound effect for a realistic movie experience. A 2012 Red Dot Design winner, it also features a DoubleBASS technology which enhances the bass for a deeper and fuller effect.

SoundBar CSS5123

 Sip on fresh fruit juice on a romantic picnic

There’s nothing like fresh fruit juice made directly from your kitchen. It’s the healthiest drink you can get—especially during a season that calls for chocolates and cakes. Put a healthy little twist to your Valentine’s celebration by preparing your own fruit juices using the Philips Avance Juicer HR1871.

 Easy to assemble, the Avance Juicer operates with an 800 W motor that can squeeze tough ingredients like apples or carrots. The extra large feeding tube allows you to put whole fruits and vegetables directly without having to pre-cut it. An electro-polishing technology optimizes juicer cleaning from the mesh on the sieve to the pulp container.

 And what better way to enjoy fresh fruit juice than outdoors—on a romantic picnic with your partner!

Philips Avance Juicer HR1871_2

 Feel and spread the love this Valentine’s Day with these laid-back date ideas for you and your special someone.

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