It was last May 26, 2010 when WWW (SM Brand for accessories) had a runway debut  together with other SM Department Store’s products.

WWW presented their stunning collection on the runway during the Philippines Fashion Week. Part of their awesome ala Cleopatra collection are some lustrous cuffs and bangles, bedazzling earrings, beaded necklaces and some vintage inspired accessories. Oh God, it made me salivating.

The accessories of WWW are something to lust over, especially those ala Cleopatra style, which immediately caught my attention. I am a big fan of vintage inspired design and loud earrings. My frustration always in bangles and cuffs because I have thin frame. Fortunately, WWW caters accessories for those with thin frames like me. I love it!

I went home with some WWW accessories, therefore, no more salivating, bits and pieces from WWW are ready to flaunt!

ME and MY WWW fashion accessories

hoops earrings and bangles

I’m a super fan of hoop earrings, before most of my earrings are silver, but this time I want gold.

Bangles and cuffs are my frustration, most of the design in the market are for those women with big bone.

Cocktail fashion ring is the top trend these days in the fashion industry, which screams glamour, prestige, and style. This ring would definitely works almost in any outfit.

Pearl is a classic accessories of women, a symbol of youth and beauty. Pearl earrings makes you look stunning and elegant instantly. Great accessories for evening and formal affairs.

Just some…