Join the ANAK BATHALA BOOKS AND GAMES raffle contest, in partnership with PC MADNESS PHILIPPINES. A brand new ACER ASPIRE ONE 521 NETBOOK waits to the lucky winner. Kindly check the mechanics below.


“Anak Bathala (God Spawned) is originally a 2D MMORPG developed by Mr. Norman delos Santos in 2004 but the concept was conceived way back in their high school days with his dear friend Mr. Bernard Morillo. Shinen Media Tech Corp (SMTC) strives to make Anak Bathala as a product that will make us proud of our heritage and bring about a turning point amidst the drifting inclination to Western/European craft and artworks. Through the continuing efforts of SMTC, we decided to pave way for the birth of Anak Bathala Book Series. The first installment of the collection is entitled Kalem. It unravels the story of Kalem, half-man half-Bathala. The lead protagonist who will have to endure his fears and the challenges that he will meet along his journey towards embracing and fulfilling his destiny.

Anak Bathala is the epic adventure of Kalem that showcases rich Filipino mythology and culture. It exhibits native Filipino beliefs and folk work intertwined with values. The other books included in the series collection are: Yamal, Arau, Yesha and Anak Bathala. Each character embodies intrinsic Filipino traits like admirable virtues of courage, determination, self-discipline, prudence, camaraderie and leadership. Their stories also uncover the deceiving sphere of glorious power. The elven persona of Yesha exudes the remarkable attributes of womanhood that represents Filipino women. Anak Bathala pays homage to the golden age of comic makers with its ground of artistic and detailed illustrations.

The final book of Anak Bathala juxtaposes the revolving characters of books 1-4 and how they will join together to overcome the evil transgression of Haring Nannum and Bathala Karimlan in the Land of Mystical Mindoro”.


“ANAK BATHALA” Madness Raffle

Raffle Mechanics:

1. Users must go to the FB pages of Anak Bathala and PC Madness, then simply click the Like Button.



2. Then, they must comment on the promo picture of Anak Bathala about who is their favorite AB character, basing their judgment on name and looks.

3. An electronic raffle will be held on June 25th, 12 midnight, at the Shinen Media office.

4. The lucky winner will be posted on Anak Bathala and PC Madness Facebook pages.

5. The winner can pick up the raffle prize and must present two (2) valid IDs at PC Madness Main Store, Aurora Blvd. branch, Q.C. June 26 onwards. If not picked up in 30 days, prize is forfeited and another user will be picked. Winner will be photographed with his/her prize and posted on the Anak Bathala and PC Madness Facebook pages.

*All employees of PC Madness, BHM Games, SMTC, and Archnation Inc., and their first degree relatives are exempted from joining the raffle.