The Philippine Catholic Church is not yet done with its fight for the RH Bill, now here comes the Divorce Bill on their plate.

The Philippines and the Vatican are now the only places in the world where divorce is still prohibited. Most of the Filipinos are Roman Catholics, and abide the preaches of the Church. Indeed, the Catholic Church is still powerful here in our country.

Divorce nowadays is a trending topic almost everywhere, debates of pro and anti are still outrageous. Party-list representative Liza Masa of Gabriela filed a Divorce Bill in 2005. According to Rep. Masa, the Annulment that we have right now is “Anti-poor”, as it requires huge amount of money and plenty of time and effort. Therefore, most of the average Filipinos could not afford this expensive procedure and find it non-responsive to the needs of those who suffered from marital abuse.

I thank debates and talks about Divorce, my mind is enlightened by their explanations. According to the latest survey, 5 out of 10 Pinoys are Pro Divorce, while 1 out of 5 Anti is still undecided. For a time, I was confused what side of the coin I’m in. For two years, I am happily married to the man I shared seven years of ups and downs, I am a Roman Catholic since birth, so there are no special reasons to join the Pro side of the coin, but as I contemplate, I realized that this bill will help those women and men that are suffering from marital abuse. They deserve to be happy, to get rid of the abusive partners.

We all know that not all marriages succeeded, there are diverse reasons why some are failed, there are physical abuse, sexual infidelity, irreconcilable differences and conflicting personalities, gross irresponsibility, loss of affection, among others.

In the end, whether they pass it or not, a husband and wife should really fight for their marriage to last. There are some marriage counselors that can give the best advice to maintain a happy relationship.

It’s annoying to hear this right? “Till DIVORCE do us part.”