There are many hard decisions in life, and maybe, I already encountered one of those at the age of 25. My husband and I came into a major decision last April, which is for me to leave the corporate world and move back to Quezon for good. Of course, I will work in a home based set-up and will continue to manage and accept consultant jobs.

Our choice requires a major adjustment on my end since I’m not used in a home based set-up. In fact, I’m a very outgoing person and basically, I enjoyed working with good people around me. However, things will change by August, I don’t know what will be my working routine, but I’m sure that I will enjoy every single moment with my little kid and my hubby.

This is the best choice I have made so far. In some way, it makes my heart trembles, maybe from excitement and at the same time from fear. It’s like we’re newly weds.

Of course, I have shopping plans for myself too. I really want some comfy stuff for my new lifestyle. First on my shopping list or wish list is the Acer Aspire One notebook. If you’re asking why notebook, it is simply because I need a very portable gadget for meetings and presentations in Manila. Client meetings are inevitable, so I need a handy one.

Next is a LONGCHAMP tote bag, because it’s made from a very light material, perfect for my injured right arm. The design is very simple as well, very minimalist. Like I have said to a friend before, “I need a simple bag, for a simple living”.

I also need an external hard drive for all my files; a Seagate is fine and an A4tech headset for Skype Conversation with some clients and friends.

Last on my list is a pair of Sanuk sandals!

Change is the only certain here on earth, despite the fact that I’m saying goodbye to my comfort zone, I’m also welcoming new opportunities. May God bless us! ; )