Oh, Ulysses, why are you so harsh?

It was 2004 when I had the most traumatic typhoon in my life. Since then, I am so paranoid whenever there’s a storm warning. 

Fast-forward 2020:

I was somehow more prepared for “Rolly” as it was announced as the strongest typhoon for 2020. Fortunately, it changed its path, a little lower than what has been forecasted. 

Then a week after, another typhoon was spotted to pass through the Luzon area. There goes, Ulysses. We were once again at the eye of the storm. 

For me, the storm was so slow and strong. It brought lots of rains too.

As of Nov 11, around 5 PM, the water level at the Agos river is far from critical, but the wind got so strong even before it landed at around midnight. The gusty wind was over at around 2:30. I fell asleep. I woke up at around 4, shocked, as I learned that some flood-prone barangays in Infanta were quickly submerged in water. It was not expected to be that quick. 

I tried to reach out. I called my cousins, friends, my parents, and even the rescue team which had difficulties in providing help.

At around 6:00 AM most of the flood-prone barangays of Infanta were submerged in water, as well as the town proper. Likewise, some of the barangays in General Nakar were also flooded. Including our house in Brgy. Poblacion.

My anxiety kicked in. I didn’t know what to do. We are safe and sound here, but my family is still in a not so good condition.

I called my parents who were in the town proper, they asked me to calm down and pray. They were on the 2nd floor of Nana Norma’s house. Surely, our house, where my grandparents are located is still flooded at the moment, as well as Nanay’s shop.

Around 7:00 AM of November 12, the network signal for both Smart and Globe were cut out. I have no idea what is happening now.

My father-in-law and my husband attempted to reach Infanta, but they couldn’t pass at Brgy. Comon. The water level was said to reach the shoulder level. 

It’s 2:30 PM and the rain is still pouring. I’m still nervous about the condition of my family. I can only do is to pray and pray deeper for my family and friends in Infanta and Gen. Nakar.

The people are resilient, yes. But this calamity is so depressing. Oooops, and yes there’s still this COVID-19.

Lord, please let the rain stop. Keep my family safe. I also lost contact with my sister in BF Homes. They probably experiencing the wrath of the typhoon, and at the same time worried about our whereabouts as they couldn’t reach us.

So far all I want is a network signal. I want to call them. 

5:20 PM

We went to Infanta to check out my parents and my husband’s titas in the town proper. I wasn’t able to join him as he need to pass through flooded streets by walking. 

Thank God my parents are safe now. Such a relief.

Around 10 PM when the network signal resumed, I talked to my cousins in Brgy Ilog. They are also safe. 

Tiring day. Thank you, Lord, for keeping us safe.