CouchSurfing is now the world’s largest hospitality exchange network. With over 1.85 million members in 237 countries and territories, CouchSurfing is the most visited hospitality service on the Internet, averaging around 40 million daily page views July-December 2009. – (source: Wikipedia)
Intel ISEF 2010 Grand Award Winners
My early morning barkada, Unang Hirit featured the Intel ISEF 2010 Grand Award Winners this morning. They are (L-R) Marc Mapalo, Reni De Guzman, Maria Clara Isabel Sia and Marc Arthur Limpiado, from Philippine Science High School- Eastern Visayas Campus.
What's on your mind?
I posted something without thinking “Wala bang masasaktan?”, “Lahat ba ng tao dito sa network ko, kaparehas ko ng point of view?” … in short di ako nag-isip, at syempre may nasaktan. I felt bad, and because of this… I won’t share WHAT’S ON MY MIND to the public without screening it first. Lesson Learned!
Wi-Tribe 4G Broadband
Tired of sloooow internet connection? You may consider WI-TRIBE for a change.  Wi Tribe is now offering 4G Broadband, but what is it by the way? Facts about 4G: source Wi-tribe uses 4G because it is the future of broadband technology
Smart Bro Sucks!
For almost 4 weeks I encountered intermittent Internet connection until it turned to limited or no connectivity at all. I called to their support team, they advised me to do the basic troubleshooting and yet nothing has changed. They conducted
Internet Connection
For me internet connection is a big deal. I’m working as a search engine optimizer, so my career is badly rely on the internet connectivity. Until now I don’t know yet who is the best internet service provider, is it