The old e-mail modus operandi of a bogus recruitment agency seems not working anymore, now scammers penetrated professional social media such as LinkedIn. Recently I received an invitation to connect from a guy named ‘Kenneth Macspencer’ on LinkedIn. He sent
Have you ever wondered how commoners can afford to travel abroad? Well, it’s no longer a secret. Traveling abroad can be very pricey, more so if you’re going to stay in a 5-star hotel, eat in a fine-dining restaurant and
Husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in Palawan last June 3 to 6. Although our trip was not as adventurous as to other tourists, we still had a great time. Allow me to share some tips and experiences
As a parent, my role is to hone my kid’s talent, as well as to support her activities related to it. Learnpoint Kiddie School of Infanta held its annual “Festival of Talent” showcasing the talent of its students last March